Think.Coach.Thrive! provides leader-managers at work with a robust and systemic approach in engaging their team in Workplace Coaching conversations. Delivered in a narrative format through the PEARLS Coaching Framework, this book will train anyone leading functions, teams and organisation to become better leaders by adding Workplace Coaching competency in their leadership toolbox!


Announcing the launch of Think.Coach.Thrive! by the authors themselves!

Let’s hear it from the authors of the model on how they would succinctly describe what the ‘Wheel-of-Work’ is about.

Here, the authors talk about the use of Coaching Skills in conversations using the PEARLS Quartz.

The PEARLS Hexagons provide the exploratory canvas to create resonance and inspire motivation as shown by the authors.

What do people have to say about the Book? See this 3-minute congratulatory book launch video.